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How to use mutt to e-mail images from DigiKam

DigiKam has a nice feature that lets you e-mail images; it’s in the Image menu. You can change the mail agent to use, in the Mail tab of the dialogue that comes up. That’s nice as well. However, you can only pick from a dropdown of predefined mail agents, and that list doesn’t include mutt. (I first tried to trick DigiKam, by picking Thunderbird and then entering exo-open into the custom path for Thunderbird, but this doesn’t work).

You can, however, pick the “Default” mail agent DigiKam’s dropdown. Note that this will not use the mail agent that you’ve set as default in Xubuntu (or Ubuntu) (which sucks — I wish KDE apps would just accept the system defaults for that). You can generally change such settings using …


… and on a real KDE system, you would look for KDE ComponentsDefault ApplicationsEmail Client. Unfortunately, if you’re using Ubuntu or Xubuntu, you’ll notice that you don’t have an item Default Applications. Here’s what worked for me on Xubuntu:

sudo aptitude install kde-systemsettings

Now you’ll find the entry in kcontrol as described above. I’ve just set it to /usr/bin/exo-open, as this always gets translated to the default mail app that I’ve currently set via Preferred Applications in the Xfce Menu (which conveniently has a default for Mutt).

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