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Offices have to look dull and grey

Too bad no-one told the San Francisco game company Three Rings Design. (As a downside, the rack below seems to accommodate very few bicycles. I also don’t see a straightforward way to lock the bike to the rack.)

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Colourful bike rack at Three Rings Design

Granted, this is a game company, so they may be able to break out of norms more easily than an insurance company. Still, compare this to many bleak and dreary boxes in which companies expect their employees to be cheerful and creative, boxes in which these employees often have to spend upwards of one third of their waking hours. How much of office space “design” is even any conscious effort that merits that name, and how much is just thoughtless convention? But if so much of it is thoughtless convention, why do some people insist that dull and grey is what office space needs to look like, and that for example it’s not possible to use some of the space for bicycles?

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