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Installing Limesurvey

Notes to future self:

  1. Download limesurvey tarball and unpack into web root.
  2. Edit [limesurvey-root-dir]/config.php:
    • Change $databaseuser from ‘root’ to ‘limesurvey’
    • Choose and insert $databasepass, the password for the limesurvey mysql user.
    • If applicable, change rooturl to reflect directory where you unpacked the limesurvey tarball.
    • Change the default password for the default limesurvey user ‘admin’. This is a temporary password. You will change this through limesurvey later anyway, to avoid seeing the limesurvey warning message that the default password is still in use. However, between the moment you install limesurvey and the moment you first log in and change the password, limesurvey is vulnerable if the default password was the one that came with the installation.
    • Change the default user ‘admin’ to something else, a minor protection against script attacks.
  3. In mysql, create mysql limesurvey user and password and create database “limesurvey”, grant privileges to limesurvey user:
    $ mysql -u root -p 
    [enter password at prompt]
    mysql> create user 'limesurvey'@'localhost' identified by '[password]';
    mysql> create database limesurvey;
    mysql> grant all privileges on limesurvey.* to 'limesurvey'@'localhost';
  4. Navigate browser to
    Limesurvey will offer to populate the database for you.
  5. Remove [limesurvey-root-dir]/admin/install
  6. Log in at [limesurvey-root-dir]/admin/ with default user and password.
  7. Click on the key symbol “Create/edit users” and change the password of the default user.
  8. Log out.

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