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R flashmob #2 at

This just in from Dan’s Decision Science News: Tonight at exactly 18:04 UK time, login at, post three questions you always wanted to ask about R, make sure you tag them “R”, and possibly stick around to answer some questions and to vote for good questions and answers. Sign the guestbook. More details at Dan’s blog. I haven’t been at R flashmob #1, so I’m curious what this will all be about. If you go to the collection of questions tagged R that are already at, it looks like one outcome is a really useful resource that is more easily accessible than the r-help archives. (This is not to diminish the r-help mailing list, which is still the number one resource to get very quick and very helpful answers to your R questions as they arise.)

2 Responses to “R flashmob #2 at”

  1. Dan Goldstein Says:

    Wow, looks like fun! I’ll be there


  2. Marianne Says:

    That’s great to hear, Dan …

    :P :)