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Citeulike: Protect capital letter inside author name

Some authors have capital letters in the middle of their surname, e.g. “Michael L DeKay”. Citeulike “corrects” this to lowercase (why? why?). To protect what you put in, you have to use a special syntax:




You put this directly into the author field, where you would normally put the author name “as is”. If the article has several authors, you do not need to use special syntax for all of them if you need to protect one. One author with special syntax can happily coexist with other author names being put in “as is” on their respective lines.


Fergus from CiteULike was nice enough to stop by and to fix this issue. So you in fact no longer have to add any special syntax. Putting in the author name directly works just fine, even if it contains a capital letter in the middle. Thanks!

3 Responses to “Citeulike: Protect capital letter inside author name”

  1. Fergus Galllagher Says:

    The full reason would bore you to death, but we get lots of author data in ALLCAPS so we have random heuristics to sort things out. 99%+ accuracy is reasonable, I think.

  2. Fergus Galllagher Says:

    Actually, I think I’ve just fixed this. Thanks for the prod.

  3. Marianne Says:

    Wow. That’s what I call responsive. Thanks! It is indeed fixed, i.e. You can just put in the author name directly, even if it contains a captial letter inside the last name. I will add an addendum to the post to reflect this. Thanks again.