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Sync tomboy via SSH

Tomboy is a nifty little wiki-like application for taking notes on your desktop. You can sync two or more computers via SSH.
If you have an account on a remote server and SSH access, the following screenshot shows how to do it. Note that I set restrictive permissions on the sync folder. For some bizarre reason, Tomboy’s sync makes all the copies of your notes on the server world readable and world executable, so if you share the server with other users you definitely want to put everything into an upper-level directory that only you can access.

Setting up tomboy to sync to a remote server via SSH

Note that this syncs several machines via the remote server. If you don’t have access to a remote server, set up ~/tomboy-sync on one of your local machines. Then sync the other machines to that via SSH just as in the setup above, and sync Tomboy on the machine that hosts ~/tomboy-sync to that folder via Tomboy’s “sync to local folder” option.

Also note that I can just say “isomerica” here instead of the full server name because I have an entry for that host in ~/.ssh/config that looks something like this:

Host isomerica

One Response to “Sync tomboy via SSH”

  1. N Says:

    WHY does tomboy make notes world-readable?