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Kinesis Advantage keyboard

I’m generallly quite happy with this keyboard. It could be a bit smaller for my hands. To alleviate the stretch in some key combinations, I’ve switched the “Caps Lock”, the “+/=” and the tab keys around. Sometimes, the keyboard “forgets” this remapped layout after restart. In some of these cases, unplugging the keyboard and plugging it back in (i.e., restarting it) helps. In other cases, I have to reassign the keys, so here’s the relevant section from the manual:

Hold down the Program key and tap F12, then release both keys. The keyboard’s lights will begin flashing rapidly. To copy a key, first tap the “source” key whose action you want to copy somewhere else. The lights will begin flashing slowly. Now tap the key where you want the new action to appear. The lights will resume rapid flashing. To swap two keys, you can repeat this sequence for each key without exiting from remapping mode. When you are done making changes, exit with Program plus F12. The lights should immediately stop flashing.

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