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Quod Libet: scrobbler plugin error solved

Activating the plugin for scrobbler submission resulted in this error:

ImportError: no module named lastfm

It works after

sudo aptitude install lastfmsubmitd

During installation, leave login and password blank (I don’t want to have this report system-wide under my name) and set permission for group audio. Then, set your username and password directly in the audioscrobbler plugin.


It seems I don’t even need this. Quod Libet (1.0) on the laptop shows the same error message, no matter whether I have the “Audioscrobbler Submission” plugin activated or not. (The error message shows up when I click on the “Show Errors” button in the plugins selector window). However, activating the plugin and entering username and password scrobbles just fine.

One Response to “Quod Libet: scrobbler plugin error solved”

  1. ski_phreak Says:

    Still a valid fix 3 years later. Using Debian 5 “Lenny” stable, quodlibet 1.0, and lastfmsubmitd 0.37-3.

    I had installed lastfmsubmitd with passwords & lastfm ID. I guess lastfmsubmitd concatenates what’s in the quodlibet gui with the same data in lastfmsubmitd.

    Nothing that dpkg-reconfigure lastfmsubmitd couldn’t fix!