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Getting suspend back after upgrade to Xfce 4.4

Suspend used to work fine out of the box for me. The Xfce logout menu showed a suspend button, and that’s what I used. After manually upgrading Dapper to Xfce 4.4.1, that button is gone, and I cannot get it back.

Now, I finally found the command tha suspends the machine when run from the terminal/ commandline :

sudo pmi action suspend

This works fine again, even though it shows a few error messages in the output. I’ve now created a script:


gksudo pmi action suspend

and bound this to a key shortcut using the Xfce keyboard settings GUI.

Closing the lid and opening the lid brings the laptop back up.

One Response to “Getting suspend back after upgrade to Xfce 4.4”

  1. lmatter Says:

    I was looking for this as well. I use Fedora 7. No “pmi” command that I could see, but I did find “pm-suspend” which worked. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.