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XEmacs: how to change fill-column on the fly

XEmacs uses fill-column to break lines at a width defined by the user, either automatically as you type, or whenever you hit M-q, depending on whether auto-fill-mode is set to 1 or to −1.

For me, the default is set to 70 in ~/.xemacs/init.el by this line:
(setq default-fill-column 70).

If you want to change fill-column temporarily for the current buffer, you’ll figure out quickly enough that you can use M-x set-fill-column or C-x f. However, if you’re hoping to use that and then just enter a number, it doesn’t work, but instead XEmacs complains:

set-fill-column requires an explicit argument

You need to give that first using C-u.

For example, to change fill-column to 80:

C-u 80<RET>C-x f<RET>

To change fill-column to where point currently is, omit the argument to C-u:

C-u<RET>C-x f<RET>


Maybe I made a mistake, or maybe things are different with Emacs, which I am now using. In any case, on Emacs, you should not hit enter between C-u (and its argument, if any) and the C-x f. So the commands to type would be:

C-u 80 C-x f


C-u C-x f


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