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“Dialup” via DSL

Note: Post written under Xubuntu Dapper; see addendum for Gutsy.

I’m currently online using a pay-per-minute “dialup” via DSL.

First, I have to run:

sudo pppoeconf

This is self-explanatory with good instructions. It sets up a profile called
dsl-provider. To connect:

pon dsl-provider

While you’re connected (or not),


tells you the status of the connection and the connection time.


is similar, but gives you details of the last connection.
To disconnect:



In Xubuntu Gutsy, this worked, but caused problems with nm-applet. Make sure you remove extra stuff from /etc/network/interfaces that gets put there by pppoeconf before trying to connect to a non-dialup DSL connection or to a wired LAN.

Addendum 2

In the bug report cited above, someone proposed the following solution (and it works for at least one person, though I cannot currently test it myself):

After you’ve run pppoeconf, edit your /etc/network/interfaces to contain only the following:

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

iface dsl-provider inet ppp
provider dsl-provider

Then, it seems network manager and the nm-applet handle “standard” wired connections correctly, and you can also right click on the nm-applet and connect to your “dialup” connection with the dsl-provider item in the nm-applet context menu.

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