Marianne Promberger PhD


I am a behavioural scientist with a Ph.D. in the psychology of decision making (research in this field has become popular under the term of "behavioural economics").

I am also a trainee teacher of the Alexander Technique, training with Peter Nobes and a trainee member of Alexander Technique International.
(And no, this is not about posture.)

I am a student of Integrative Psychotherapy at the Metanoia Institute.

I am currently very excited about mind-body unity and the freedom of choice that arises from awareness and non-doing.

I obtained my Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania in 2008, working with Jonathan Baron on patient acceptance of computerized decision aids, and on second-order preferences in the context of public policy.

Subsequently, as a post-doc at King's College London, I investigated acceptability of (and objections to) financial incentives in health contexts, and as a post-doc at Kingston University, I worked on research in vaccination decisions and vaccination advocacy.

My CV (pdf).

@promberger on Twitter.

Research tools

I'm afraid these tools are currently not maintained.

I previously developed a template to run online experiments using JavaScript: Template 2.0


You can email me at
For encrypting messages to me, download my GnuPG/PGP public key (or get it from a keyserver, it has the ID 80AD9916).


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